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6 Tips for Picking the Right Gaming T-shirt for Yourself

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Whether you’re the type who puts a lot of effort into your clothes or just puts on whatever is at the top of the pile, making sure your closet is filled with the right stuff is the first step on the way to looking good and being comfortable. Gaming t-shirts are a must for dedicated as well as casual gamers - you can look your best even as you’re destroying your enemies!

When you’re playing your favourite games or taking part in a tournament, you want to be comfortable – you can’t have your clothes distracting you when it’s time to fire that game-changing shot or take that last turn. The t-shirt is a big part of your outfit, so you’ll want to make sure to get it right – here are some things to look for when you’re trying to find the perfect t-shirt for gaming!

1. Material

The first thing to look at when picking a gaming t-shirt is making sure it’s a good material. There are all sorts of cotton, wool, and polyester blends – make sure to choose one that’s comfortable for you and your skin! If you’re not sure, 100% cotton is a good way to go – it’s easy to care for and wash, and it’s quite easy on your skin.

Another reason this is important is durability – a good gaming t-shirt (or any t-shirt, really) needs to last for a long time. Shirts made from good materials are more likely to survive the test of time! Especially pure cotton shirts, when well-cared for, keep their colour for a long time, and thus look and fit great even after months or years of wearing them.

2. Comfort Fit

Now, obviously, whatever you’re doing, whether it’s gaming, relaxing or going shopping, you want to be comfortable in your t-shirt. That’s a no-brainer – so keeping an eye on the cut and fit of your t-shirts is a must. Not every cut and every size will fit you – that’s why it’s important to pick what works best for you.

Often a looser fit feels more comfortable than something skin-tight, especially if you end up moving around, or sitting down for longer periods of time. When you’re gaming, you end up sitting in a chair for quite some time, and you can’t have your shirt pinching or rubbing awkwardly. So, for a good gaming t-shirt, be sure to pick something that’s comfortable and not too tight.

3. Design

At the end of the day, you’ll probably want your t-shirt to be eye-catching enough that it draws attention. In the bright RGB-world of esports and gaming, that’s not always easy to do – and sometimes a simple design can be the most eye-catching item in the room.

T-shirt for gamers

A simple black base with some colourful or not-so-colourful embellishments is one of the absolute must-haves in fashion – it pairs well with just about everything, and can make it look like you’ve planned a fashionable outfit even if you just threw on something quick.

4. Versatility

Sure, having a t-shirt for gaming is great – whether it’s because it’s a good luck item or because it’s just that comfortable, dressing right for those long gaming sessions is a must. The perfect gaming t-shirt doesn’t JUST shine when you are gaming though – it needs to look just as good in other situations.

Going to the store? Meeting up with friends? Relaxing after school? It doesn’t matter – a good gaming t-shirt needs to be as versatile as your life is! Pick something that looks good no matter where you are and what you do!

4. Quality

The coolest design on a t-shirt isn’t any good if it’s going to come apart after just two washes. Solid quality is important for all of your apparel, but especially t-shirts – they are one of the cornerstones of an outfit after all. Quality matters for both the materials and the manufacturing quality.

For t-shirts, great things to look for are stitching and printing quality. Well-made t-shirts can last for a long time, and one of the best indicators of cheaply made t-shirts are skipped stitches and loose threads. Especially for gaming t-shirts, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got something to last you through all of your best kills and wins!

5. Compatibility

What does compatibility mean? Well, it’s about how well your new gaming t-shirt fits in with the rest of your wardrobe. Bright colours, intricate designs and wild prints are fun, but they don’t usually group together well. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea though, and with a well-designed t-shirt, you can pair just about anything else you may have in your wardrobe.

That’s why our E1337 gaming t-shirts are kept in a subtle but striking look – that way you can both combine them with your favourite ‘loud’ stuff, and with a more subtle dark or colour-blocked look! They’ll also change with you as your style evolves – whatever your favourite colour or accessory may be, our E1337 shirts are going to look just as great next to it as you do!

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