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Matheus Overbeck - Enthusiasm for Sports Esports

- Mel Hawthorne


Matheus Overbeck is a 22-year-old streamer originally from Brazil. He now lives in Germany, and has done, since 2017. He speaks four languages - Portuguese, English, Spanish and German. His streams are usually in Portuguese.

E1337: How long have you been streaming and how did you get started?

I have been streaming since July 2020, but I have been creating content on the Internet since 2017, specifically on YouTube and Twitter.

E1337: What are your favourite games to stream? Which games do you most enjoy playing in your free time?

I mostly stream Fifa 21, and sometimes other games like Rocket League and GTA. In my own time I normally play Fifa, NBA and Rocket League.

E1337: How do you think you, your affiliation with E1337 and E1337 as a brand fit into the esports space?

I love to create YouTube videos in order to help people get better on Fifa and give them more information about the game. The esports industry is always creating new markets and E1337 is part of this new "high-end" apparel market.

E1337: How do you view the future of streaming and esports, and where do you think you fit into it?

I am currently trying to make a living out of esports and creating content on YouTube, and especially Twitch is really helping me. I can help my parents with the house maintenance and now my focus is on trying to get an esports scholarship in an American College/University. I plan on studying online marketing focused on digital products related to the esports industry because I know how much the industry is growing.

E1337: Have you competed in pro events? If so, how did it go? Did you enjoy it? Do you plan on competing (again) in the future?

I have competed in LAN-Events in Brazil and Online Tournaments around the World. I am a 2 times state champion and came in 3rd in the VfL Wolfsburg (One of the biggest esports teams in Fifa) eAcademy Tournament. I am also consistently getting top tier results in the Fifa Weekend League, sometimes even reaching the Top 200 World Weekend rankings.

Where and when can esports fans find you and watch you play?

Fans can follow me on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.