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E1337 and NFT – A Winning Relationship

- Mel Hawthorne


To make our exclusive E1337 line even more special, each purchase of an apparel item from our shop entitles you to receive a unique NFT. What is an NFT you may wonder? Well, it’s short for Non-Fungible Token, and it’s a unique ID that proves the authenticity of your item, and one that’s safe from being faked as well.

What’s so safe about NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are a type of cryptographic tokens that represent something unique – so even if you receive two tokens for two identical hoodies, the tokens will be unique, identifying the item in question.

Despite this unique signature, NFTs are based on something you may be familiar with – Ethereum Blockchain technology. Unlike regular cryptocurrency, which can be broken down into smaller segments (such as 1/10th of a Bitcoin) an NFT can’t be split up – think of it like collecting baseball cards! You can’t collect only half of one card, after all.

As long as you claim your unique token within 30 days of your purchase from the E1337 store and provide your Metamask Ethereum wallet address, you’ll receive your unique NFT for each apparel piece you bought. That way, you can always be sure that what you have is GENUINE E1337 quality.

The concept of NFTs isn’t exclusive to E1337 though – you may have already come across them or even have some if you play CryptoKitties, for example, or use RareBits or Gamedex. They all use NFT technology because it is secure. Even in the apparel industry you can find other examples of this – Nike has a patent for an NFT sneaker line named CryptoKicks.

What does the NFT do?

When a new piece of E1337 apparel is bought, a matching token is created identifying both the item in question and the buyer via their Metamask Ethereum wallet address. Of course, it will also show that it was minted directly from our official E1337 Ethereum account – you’ll get your own unique and super-secure collectible with each apparel purchase from the store.

Should you want to sell your E1337 gear on later (which we doubt, as our stuff is pretty great, but just in case), you can use this token to prove you have the real deal before you sell it – and the new buyer knows they’re paying for real quality instead of knock-offs from cheap online retailers.

We’re proud of our products and we’re willing to stand by that – and that’s not all. Since NFTs are impossible to fake or duplicate, they also double as our secure rewards program. Holders of tokens are eligible for special rewards, coupons, and digital collectibles. The E1337 team will airdrop these rewards directly to you – and the more authenticity tokens you have, the better the rewards you can get are.

Shopping digitally

Another part of the integration between E1337 and the Ethereum platform is the E1337 store that you can find on Cryptovoxels. In addition to our ‘normal’ store, you can also see our products in the biggest metaverse platform on the planet – which you can browse both in VR and in 3D on your browser.

You can even buy digital collectibles there if you want – and all of it using the well-established Ethereum Blockchain encryption system. The Metaverse store marks a specific moment in the evolution of retail – a move from completely physical stores and 2D websites to a combination of the two.

The E1337 Metaverse store is unique (so far) just like the E1337 brand is unique in the esports apparel world. Be part of our E1337 Metaverse!