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8 Interesting Facts about E1337

- Mel Hawthorne


It’s always good to know not just what you’re buying, but also who you are buying it from. The company that makes the products you use is just as important as the things themselves. We are proud of who we are and of our E1337 brand.

If you’re curious about us, here are some things you may not know about us yet!

1. We are an authentic South Korean brand

Our entire brand is based in South Korea, the ultimate epicentre for the esports world. Often called the Mecca of esports, South Korea and Seoul are the place to be when it comes to esports – and that’s why we made it our home-base. We want to be ahead of the game in both gaming and fashion – and that’s exactly what we offer to our customers as well.

2. E1337 got its name from the word ‘leet’

You may have wondered what E1337 means or how it’s pronounced – it’s pronounced ‘Elite’ and comes from the word ‘leet’. It’s usually used to refer to particularly impressive accomplishments and formidable prowess.

We have that much faith into our products – which is why we also put our branding proudly on our products. From hoodies to caps, you’ll find stylish E1337 detail on our apparel. It’s one of our favourite features on the Sidewinder hoodie, for example.

3. Each of our products is packed with features specifically for gamers

It’s not easy to design clothes for gaming and esports, but we managed. Our apparel is filled with cool features for gaming. One example is our zips. We exclusively use big and high-quality YKK zippers to make sure that you can quickly open and close them when you need to, without having to worry about fiddling with small zipper parts when you’re in a game.

Our caps are made from breathable materials and cut in a unique way that’s exclusive to a single manufacturer in Korea – they offer a particularly snug fit, so you can be sure that they will stay in place, even during the happiest of victory dances after a win!

4. We use blockchain to secure against counterfeiting

We know that knockoffs are common in luxury apparel, and we want to make sure that when you buy an E1337 product, you actually get our brand quality! Because of this, we’ve decided to use a modern blockchain solution to safeguard all of our apparel.

When you buy something on our site, you’ll be able to receive an Ethereum blockchain non-fungible token or NFT in order to prove that your new loot is authentic. Don’t settle for less than genuine E1337 quality, whether you are hunting for headshots in a game, or just relaxing on the couch after work.

5. Our hoods are designed for headphones!

One of the coolest features of our hoodies is that they’re especially designed to have enough space for headphones even with the hood up. You won’t have to accept a draft on your neck while gaming, nor risk missing out on those all-important footsteps you’re listening for.

There’s extra space in the hood so you can be comfortable, no matter what position you and your headphones are in. Comfort for esports gamers is our highest priority, and we’ve found that being able to comfortably wear your headphones makes a world of difference!

6. We love our products so much we made them digital.

That’s not something a lot of brands can say, but we like our products so much we made them available virtually AND in real life! In the near future, we want to make our clothing available on even more digital platforms.

We’ve created 3D renderings of every piece of apparel we make, so that you can see our stuff from its best angle – every angle! Additionally, we also made Decentraland wearables, CryptoVoxel versions and more for other virtual worlds.

7. We really are gamers ourselves!

Our team is made up of diverse people united by a love for esports and fashion. We play different games at different levels, and we know what makes gaming great – and, of course, what gamers need during their daily lives. We know that gaming is important, but that it isn’t everything – and our clothes are versatile enough to adapt to a variety of different situations, from the gaming chair to the car seat straight to the couch.

That’s why we came up with our E1337 brand – to be able to offer high-quality luxury apparel to gamers like us… and you!

8. A whole team of designers works on each of our products.

Every single item on our site – from t-shirts to hoodies to caps and beyond – was designed by a whole group of talented designers. Every aspect is considered for maximum benefit to the wearer. That’s how we pick our zippers, our cotton fabrics, even how we pick our threads and stitching!

There’s a whole creative process between an idea and a finished product. Different minds collaborate on our ideas, until everyone is satisfied with the result – and that includes our customers.